Meet Arti the Eagle!

Very often the RTI team is out and about in our community meeting people and families.

Without a mascot, sometimes we get a bit lonely!  We decided to embark on a great mission: to find the perfect mascot - with a great name - to join us for community outreach events as well as to proudly represent our company and the RTI family.  

Beginning February 2, 2015, nearly one hundred entries poured in until the contest ended February 13.  The grand prize was a $100 Gift Card to Main Street Trattoria in Lakewood Ranch, FL, so it was no surprise that so many enthusiastic clients and friends offered their opinion on the best mascot for RTI. 

Popular suggestions included the manatee (emblematic of our local area), other varying tropical birds, even a Pirate for RRRRRRTI!  In the end, we chose to go with the eagle submitted by Patricia P. of Lakewood Ranch, FL because it symbolizes strength and protection, plus keeps a watchful eye over its territory.  Also, America.  And as for a name... Arti was such an overwhelmingly popular suggestion that we just couldn't deny. 

So we are proud to announce that RTI has decided to bring to life ARTI the EAGLE!  Look for him as we are out and about in the near future.  Congratulations to Patricia P. for her winning selection.  Thank you again for all your great entries!